Welcome to the Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. Client Service Division

The Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. Corporate Consulting Program is the most powerful service delivered by the Client Service Division. Its one thing to own a corporation, but once you have it, what do you do? Nevada Corporate Headquarters (NCH) can help and assist you with get your startup up and running.

The Corporate Consulting Program gives you an annual membership that provides you with access to our Senior Advisors who will answer your questions and make suggestions to ensure your corporate structuring and compliance matters are correct and complete. NCH is here to help entrepreneurs launch their business ideas, protect their personal and business wealth, and find solutions to everyday business challenges.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH) is a full-service, "one-stop shop" for many of your business startup needs, and is Nevada's largest incorporating service. Their staff support and systems make creating your business and protecting your assets easy, quick and convenient. NCH offers personalized service and a full suite of products and services that are customized to suit your business situation. From streamlined, economical do-it-yourself choices to full-service, "no worries" choices, NCH is prepared to make the incorporation process easy and efficient for you.


Consider NCH to be your own professional advisory staff who will help you resolve issues, answer questions and provide useful tips throughout the year to help your business run more smoothly. Imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that these important corporate matters are not left to chance or carelessly ignored.


Attorneys and CPAs can charge $250 to $500 an hour yet these individuals are seldom familiar with the corporate laws of Nevada. NCH consultants are intimately familiar with Nevada's business-friendly corporate statutes. Your consultant will contact you four times per year. You are welcome to contact them whenever there is a need.


Small business owners face a list of struggles in the first years of operations just to stay in business. Without the deep resources that a larger corporation has, small businesses find themselves working hard to generate revenue and make a profit. In order to be able to address the struggles of small business owners, you must first understand and identify these daily business issues. NCH's advisors will keep you updated on the latest in business, incorporation and financial strategies and help you avoid the pitfalls that many small business owners succumb to.


In addition, all Nevada corporations active with Nevada Corporate Headquarters automatically receive the Personal Liability Guarantee. This guarantee provides $100,000 worth of relief if your Nevada Corporation or LLC has its veil pierced and its owners, directors, officers, managers or members of the company are being held personally liable for the debts.


The Guarantee is not insurance, and is limited to up to $100,000 reimbursement of reasonable legal defense expenses. However, the Guarantee is subject to the company having followed our step-by-step checklist, as provided in the Terms and Conditions of the Personal Liability Guarantee.


To maintain your Nevada corporation or LLC's eligibility for the Personal Liability Guarantee, NCH needs to conduct a compliance check on your entity. The compliance check takes place via telephone and is a quick process conducted by your Corporate Coach with the NCH Client Service Division.


Every business owner needs to pay special attention to record keeping and corporate procedures in order to protect the corporate veil and keep their company in compliance. Different states have different degrees of compliance. But Nevada is one of the few states in America where the corporate veil has never been pierced, except in instances of fraud. No matter which state your business is in, it is important to keep accurate records.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters is really a one stop shop for business owners. This is the place you start your business at; this is the place you grow your business with. You are never left alone at Nevada Corporate Headquarters, with our team of specialists in house; we’re there to support you for years and years answering the tax questions you have, answering the questions on how to protect yourself, and showing you ways of doing things right for your business.